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Preview Beta Public Release!

Finally the beta preview is released!
You can take it at our Downloads page.

Have fun!


  1. NeoTensai

    06/18/16 at 03:11

    So I just played it and I wanted to be the first to say. This is shaping up to be a pretty good game. It took some time getting used to. Loved the magic system. I will provide some feedback and I will try to be as kind as possible.
    Jumping was something to get used to and gliding was fun. Wearable items are cool. Had some trouble in the first room due to some strange yellow fog/mist, which was probably on my end because I wanted to see the game in top graphical quality.
    The camera angle gets a bit weird when you want to look down to collect items and picking up a vast amount of items fast can be a pain due to the fact that you have to aim the centre of the circle on the item. Would recommend a additional dot in the center and easier bulk item pickup.
    A balance to healing would be good. While it is good that you can heal up completely it feels underwhelming. If you could only heal up to 50% health with healing you could make it regen your life a bit faster. Just an idea.
    Fighting was great, would maybe add a dodge roll but not necesserly due to teleport.

    Otherwise I had a blast playing this preview beta.
    Keep up the good work.
    I hope some investors notice this game 🙂

  2. Just finished playing this. Man, it’s still very rough as a game but it does show potential for awesomeness. The character drives like a tank, the spells work when they want to, as well as does object targeting, the music doesn’t loop, the bright fog is weary on the eyes, the end boss got stuck, Krini went back to the cage after reload and the menus glitch the game to the point where you need to ALT+F4. But, the music is great, the world looks interesting, the character design and animation is spotless and most importantly the game doesn’t look cheap.

    The one thing that got me worried a bit was the level design. The first room was daunting; when I found the switch to open that second door I felt like I made some progress only to find out that this was just a secret room. Finding a way out was extremely difficult as the lighting in this area was particularly exhausting on the eyes and also because the teleportation spell doesn’t always work (and so doesn’t healing, btw. – it looks as if the game tries to target world objects for healing). Being able to finally reach the exit from that room was a relief. The next area was a switch hunt – something that should be avoided as it’s not a challenge; it just serves as an artificial prolonging of the game.

    Apart from this, the most important elements are done right in their core, but they need polish. This aspires to be high quality stuff.

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