Do you want to become a part of something amazing? Do you want to use your skills to make something cool?

In this case we have an offer!
You get the chance to take part in an exciting and spectacular journey!

Do you think your skills in art, sound design, writing, or other game development areas are good enough to please you and other people?
In this case you have the opportunity to become a part of developing unique, spectacular and exciting video games along with other really talented people!
The work process is full of creativity, learning, communicating and developing new ideas with new friendly talented teammates.

There is just one major problem:
For now this is voluntary work (meaning there is no payment).

When we receive the first profits from the game sales, all people that made a creative contribution to the product will be rewarded with payment for their hard work, along with a chance to become a part of a growing, experienced and friendly team in a progressive company called “A Little Bit Different”.

So who are we looking for?

Priority Positions!

>UE4 developers:
Skills: Knowledge or working experience about/with Unreal Engine 4

Development Positions!

Skills: animating characters, know how to make realistic movements and emotions, good knowledge of animating with 3Ds max

>Concept artists
Skills: digital artist, capable of drawing atmospheric, original, and inspiring artworks.

>3D Modellers
Skills: Modelling in programs like 3ds max, Blender, Cinema 4D or similar. UV mapping.
Optional, but valued skills: Skinning characters, optimizing characters meshes, 3D sculpting

>Material Designers
Skills: Designing realistic/beautiful shaders

>Sound Designers
Skills: Sound cleanup of voices, creating/finding/editing sounds of magic, nature etc.

Porting Positions!

>Mac UE4 programmers
Skills: C++ programing in UE4
Additional requirements: Having and using Mac OS X and Unreal Engine 4 on this platform

Translator Positions!

Skills: Knowing a certain language aside english on professional level
Languages like: Japanese, Korean, Italian, etc.
Closed translaitors positions: Russian, Polish, Chinese, German, Spanish, French.


>A Little Bit Different country representative
Skills: be communicative, know the best way to inform Bronies in your country about our news, be a native speaker or know your local language fluently.
Countries we need representatives for: Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Poland. (If you don’t see your country in the list, but you still want to be a representative, please contact us).
Closed Representatives positions: China, Portugal, Spain, Latvia, Belgium and France.

If you want to help us, please send us some of your previous work or explain your skill level and experience in a certain field. If your skill level is good enough, we will welcome you with open arms!

Please contact us: