ATTENTION! We are currently looking for a Voice Actress!

Female with a voice in range of 16-30 y.o. The character of voice is not specific – we will choose the right voice together! Please include voice-reels in your email.

Currently we are looking for this paid positions:
(these positions will be paid regularly depending on completed tasks, the payment depends on the speed, quality and consistency of results)

Skills: Animation of cartoony characters in 3Ds Max(preferably) or Blender, Maya.

Skills: Creating fun and engaging levels in Unreal engine 4 out of existing models and mechanics.
Can you do a beautiful 3D composition and atmosphere? OR can you create challenging puzzles out of simple trigger systems? If you can do one of mentioned skills – that’s good! If you can do both – that is even better!

Skills: Creating, editing and mixing sounds.
If you like to bring a game to life with sounds, managing everything player hears – you are a right person for us!

If you want to help us, please send us some of your previous work or explain your skill level and experience in a certain field. If your skill level is good enough, we will welcome you with open arms!

Send us an email here: