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Ambient.White? What?! :OOO

As you may have seen in the recent news – we published a new video on Youtube that shows the first few minutes of a game called Ambient.White. Many of you are probably wondering “What does that mean?! Where is Ambient.Prologue? What happened?”.

What happened is – there will be no Ambient.Prologue anymore. As our patrons and some of you already know, during this silent period of time, we have been changing our goals. Ambient.Prologue was initially planned as a “demo” with a short, unfinished story, amatuer level boring gameplay and hardly acceptable quality – the product I could’ve done myself at that time. However, a lot has changed in the last year.

About a year has passed since ALBD started working together. A year full of tough decisions, lots of experimentation and valuable lessons in game development and team management. The project we had planned before has transformed into something much more serious now. With the support from bronies, the help of our new, loyal, talented team, and the large amount of experience, we have redefined our goals and style from scratch. All of this so we could make a game with truly fun and interesting gameplay, a fully independent, emotional story and unique beauty in graphics and sound; and all of that is supported with good optimization. We set the mark of quality we could be proud of – one that can be called nothing less than amazing! At that point we understood: this game is not just a prologue anymore. It is the full, first episode/volume in the Ambient series – Ambient.White!

More news are coming in the next update video that we hope to release next week.

P.S. Note, our website is now in localization process. We are translating it to other languages and there might be some issues because of this. Sorry about that.


  1. Jose carlos munoz

    2016年10月20日 at 17:41

    I was actually skeptical when I first heard about this and ridicule it. But after seeing how much effort there is in this project,I can’t wait for it to be release

  2. Jacqueline Hernandez

    2016年10月20日 at 20:38

    So with rising support, will it make more possible to come out on PS4?
    P.S: I’m like Krinita; I love winter too!

    • Dreamy

      2016年10月21日 at 10:48

      We really hope that we can make it for PS4, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, so we can’t promise anything.

  3. Killerbeast1998

    2016年10月21日 at 07:01

    Out of the Two years ive been a brony have not heard of this till now and frankly.By Celestias grace its the coolest thing ever!! I hope to see another gameplay soon this has awesome written all over it!.”

  4. With it being a open BETA right now will I be able to upload a walk though of it on YouTube at all? With out getting in trouble with copyright.

  5. TheWanderingZebra

    2016年10月31日 at 01:22

    Aren’t you worried you may get a copyright strike? Even if it’s technically set in another world with original characters?

    • Dreamy

      2016年11月26日 at 20:38

      That’s the thing, based on the copyright laws we are completely original and there is no reason for us to have any kind of strike.

  6. Has the project been approved by Hasbro ?
    With all the efforts put in it, and all the projects you have for it (I read console support wished above), the last thing you’d want is a C&D strike…

    The game is unique enough to be rather safe I guess: unique designs; stories; characters… But you never know, one thing looking too similar to the show and it could be over.

    Anyway; best wishes, cant wait to play the full game myself 🙂

  7. I think, that it’s great project! Your work so interesting, and i wished, that it will be the same on the future.

  8. 支持~\(OvO)/~

  9. Im a Chinese brony, and this game has a very good impression among us.
    Thats really a good game .
    I like it,JIAYOU!

  10. Can’t wait to play your first complete game!I’d love to pay for it!


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