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Beta Preview Available to Patrons

Hello, dear followers of Ambient.Prologue development.


A Little Bit Different Team was working on Ambient.Prologue game for quite a while, ha?

Those were quite difficult 7 month for our team and unfortunately we did not fulfilled your and our own expectations of making the full game by April, but for a good valid reason.
Past few month we were improving our skills and coming up with new ideas about making Ambient Prologue trully something special, something amazing. We want to make a game that will amaze us, amaze you and lots of people outside brony comunity. But since we are a small unexpirienced team we need more time than usual AAA studios, and I’m sure all of you, guys, understand that.


However no matter what resources we have at the moment we are ready to do the impossible to achieve our goal.


And finally we can share some results of our hard work.


Today we are launching Closed Beta Preview for our Patrons and testers.


Next two weeks we plan to polish the game, so it will be ready for public release and help from side of patrons and testers will only increase quality of the product.


16/06/2016 is the date of Beta going public. It will be available on our website for everybody to try out.


Keep following the developmet of Ambient.Prologue, there are some more interesting updates comming soon.


Thank you very much for your attention and support!


  1. Daniel Tracy

    06/01/16 at 19:48

    Hi. I saw the latest video and it blew me away of how awesome it has turned out so far. When I first heard of this game, I was excited about playing as a Alicorn and it was touching to me as a Brony who watched every episode of the show up to that point. I love the love and care for the game you put into and I can wait as long as the game comes out. I love video games and MLP, and this is a match made in nerd heaven. ( I don’t wear glasses) I will play the Beta when it gets out. And hopefully it doesn’t slow down my computer. If I can run team fortress 2, I may run this well enough.

    See you later,
    Daniel Tracy

  2. I have seen the game you are making from the very first video. I can’t wait for theis game, as well as the game being made by Overmare Studios to go into full release!!! I tried to download the alpha before, but it said that I was missing two components, I cant recall them now, but I hope it was due to the game I was trying to get being outdated. Best of luck, to the whole ALBD team! I’ll be prayin’ for ya!

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